Grapefruit bundt cake

Last Wednesday I was watching the show called Greenleaf. On the latest episode Lady Mae made a grapefruit Bundt cake in order to bribe a guest into silence.  Unfortunately no recipe was provided at the end of the episode. So I decided to make my own.  This was made using my standard cake recipe except…

For my little Valentines

I made this for my Sunday school class. This was my first time using Russian piping tips. (More on that later.). 

Victoria mini series dessert 1

To fill the Downton Abbey slot, PBS is doing a miniseries on Queen Victoria. Just like for Downton Abbey, I did a dessert to eat while I was watching the show. For the first episode I did a Lemon cupcake with lemon butter cream frosting. I did fondant toppers with various Victorian designs on top….